Anti-Microbial: Let’s Get Specific

What’s the deal with Anti-Microbial?

Hygiene is taking on an increasing importance in contract applications. There’s a lot of talk about anti-microbial fabrics right now, so we wanted to answer some of your most common questions here.

Anti-microbial fabrics are nothing new to Sekers, or to the contract market. As always with us, you can specify with confidence, knowing that all products are up to standard. We’re here to give you, your client and hopefully the end user some peace of mind.

How does it work and why use it?

Microbes covers bacteria, viruses and infection-related fungi. We want to give those pesky microbes the slimmest chance! The key benefit to anti-microbial finishes is that bacteria, viruses and fungi will reduce/stop their activity* much more quickly than they would otherwise.

*(activity meaning anything from multiplying, growing or surviving)

What is Aquacleans Safe Front?

Our chosen and trusted treatment is Aquaclean. All our Aquaclean fabrics boast their unique Safe Front finish, giving us:

  • A nano-technology finish, so we preserve hand feel
  • A double-whammy defence on microbes by:
  • Creating a surface microbes can’t thrive on
  • Acting as a barrier to stop microbes penetrating the fibres
  • The added benefit of stain resistance “ just apply water and wipe away.
  • The thing we’re all wondering… what about coronavirus?

    • Aquaclean’s Safe Front finish was found to be 98% effective against a feline coronavirus strain under ISO 18184:2019.
    • COVID-19 is not yet available for testing commercially, so this is one of the best indicators the industry has.
    • The fabric also killed 99.9% of all bacteria present

    BUT the window for activity and therefore the possible window to transmit bacteria and viruses “ still exists, however small. Cleaning and safe hygiene practices are important as ever in the fight against infectious disease we’re just providing them with proper back-up.

    Things to keep in mind

    Always recommend the cleaning advice supplied with the product, special finishes can be damaged with improper cleaning, and we want your client to have peace of mind that the special power-up that comes with an anti-microbial finish will remain for as long as possible.

    Our Sales/customer service department in Dundee are experts in the contract market. Let us know the end-use in your project and we’ll be able to recommend the best solution for you.

    To sum up

    Our Aquaclean collections are colourful, a nightmare for microbes and an easy-care dream in a time where hygiene is more important than ever.

    Although these are some of the most advanced fabrics in reducing microbial activity, remember that no fabric can replace safe, responsible working practices. So always follow the strictest guidance, introduce sustainable hygiene measures into daily procedure and stay safe!

    Specify with confidence; specify anti-microbial.

    To learn more

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