Sekers proudly welcomes SANCTUARY, a sophisticated selection of wallcoverings. Featuring six distinct designs, each available in eight stunning colourways. Fully washable and easy to maintain, Sanctuary ensures lasting beauty and functionality.

Take in the timeless charm of Retreat, a classic design enhanced with a unique metallic and subtle sheen finish.  Hogar introduces a distressed, geometric pattern that adds a modernistic flair to any room. With its urban and industrial feel, Haven offers a modern interpretation of concrete with an urban stone finish. In contrast, Hideaway captures the essence of aged bark, showcasing the natural beauty and texture of raw wood. This luxurious wide-width wallcovering also boasts durability and built-in antimicrobial protection, making it a practical choice for various applications. Seguro provides a refined and sophisticated look with its elegant design interwoven with a natural effect. Finally, Iglesia combines the robust look of concrete with the refined texture of stone, creating a versatile design that complements both modern and classic interiors.

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